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Mattresses And Bed Bases

When you're choosing a mattress, you need to think about your bed base too.

Experts agree that you should buy a new mattress and bed at the same time. If your current mattress is showing signs of old age, such as sagging at the edges, bowing in the middle, damaged or torn ticking, or exposed filling, you certainly need to think about changing it, but you should also consider changing your base.

Why change both mattress and base at the same time?

It's a simple matter of support. A new mattress will be designed to give you a certain level of support, but the mattress itself needs to sit on something supportive, or it will not be able to work properly for you. That's why it can be unwise to buy a new mattress and put it on an old base - if the base doesn't give a firm foundation for the mattress, then it simply won't provide the level of comfort you need. It's likely that you will have bought your old base and mattress at the same time, so they will be the same age and both should be changed.

Does the type of bed base matter?

When you decide to change your bed base, you can choose anything you like. If you like divan beds, there's nothing to stop you replacing what you've got with the latest model. On the other hand, you may want a different look in your room, and decide to go with a trendy low bed base, or a leather-covered bedstead. You can choose whatever type of bed base takes your fancy, but you must also remember to choose a mattress that will work with the base.

How do I choose the mattress?

Most mattresses work well with divan bases because the base provides a solid support. Bed frames and bedsteads often have slatted bases, however, and you need to be careful about which mattress you pick for these beds. A sprung mattress may end up pushing through the slats, which will cause permanent damage. You can get around this by buying an additional base board, or by choosing a foam mattress instead of a sprung one.

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