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Mattresses And Pillows

When you're buying a new mattress, you should also think about investing in new pillows.

Your pillows are just as important as your mattress. In fact, they work in combination with your mattress to give your neck and back the support they need during the night. Most people keep their beds and mattresses too long - and the same is true for pillows. Pillows should be replaced even more frequently than your bed - experts suggest every two or three years.

The reason that pillows need replacing so quickly is that they are not usually engineered for extensive use. Yet we place our heads on them for around 8 hours every day, we move them, plump them up, use them as backrests and generally put them through a lot of heavy use. When your pillow loses its bounce, or fails to spring back into shape when you move or fold it, it's probably time for a new one.

Your pillow provides the support to your neck - the one area that the mattress doesn't come into contact with. For that reason, it's important that your pillow works well with the mattress and supports you in the right way. Just as with your mattress, the pillow type that suits you may be different from the type your partner would choose, so don't just buy four pillows at random, take the time to think about what you need and try pillows out for comfort.

Pillow fillings

Like your mattress, your pillow can be home to thousands of dust mites, contributing to poor health or allergies. Some pillow fillings are better than others - whilst feather and down pillows are sumptuous, they're not the most hygienic, for example. You can get special anti-allergen pillows, which can help, but you should try these out first to make sure they are comfortable. You can also get memory foam-filled pillows which work in exactly the same way as a memory foam mattress - sensing your temperature and moulding to the way your head is lying on the pillow.

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