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A Guide To Mattresses By Dorlux

Like many mattress manufacturers, Dorlux has a proud history

Based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, Dorlux has been manufacturing mattresses for nearly one hundred years. The company's founder, Arthur Sykes, made his first mattress and delivered it on a handcart. Today, Dorlux is one of the few mattress manufacturers that is still privately owned, and it is proud to continue the hard work, dedication to quality and attention to detail that characterised Arthur Sykes' first mattresses.

Dorlux has continued to move with the times, making use of new springing and filling technologies and constructing its mattresses from the best materials. Constantly looking for new ways to provide the very best mattresses to customers, Dorlux continues to place emphasis on innovation and craftsmanship.

Dorlux offers a number of bed collections that are designed around a top quality mattress:

Pocket collection - these mattresses can have up to 1500 coils, each hand-nested in its own pocket before being joined to the others to create a truly supportive mattress. The mattresses come in 1000 coil (soft), 1200 coil (medium) and 1500 coil (firm). Dorlux uses luxury fillings that help to maintain a comfortable temperature for the sleeper and manufacturing techniques means that the mattress will last for many years without bowing in the middle or sagging at the edges.

Comfort - the comfort range of beds is designed to appeal to a wide range of consumers. Meeting the trend for bigger beds and mattresses, Dorlux has created a range that goes up to superking size - more than enough room for two people to sleep comfortably.

Flexiform - this is Dorlux's latest innovation; a mattress designed by Swiss engineers and manufactured in the UK. Doubling the number of springs normally found in a conventional mattress means that the Flexiform mattress can give even better support - each spring works independently, supporting your body no matter what position you sleep in or how often you change position during the night.

We sell a number of Dorlux mattresses, including:

• Dorlux Flexiform
• Dorlux Continental
• Dorlux Ortho 160
• Dorlux Ortho Deluxe

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