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Mattresses By Sealy

Sealy mattresses have been popular with consumers for many years.

Sealy is a well-established mattress manufacturer and is part of the US group, Sealy Inc., which is based in North Carolina. The UK site is based on the West Cumbrian coast, where it employs around 400 people and produces the springs for all Sealy's mattresses and beds. Sealy is part of the Silentnight Group and its state-of-the-art warehousing and distribution facility is one of the most efficient in the industry.

Sealy's ethos is to supply its mattress and bed range only to reputable retailers and its ongoing sales strategy has seen the company increase its presence in the bed and mattress retail sector by targeting a multitude of retailers across all media, including online stores such as MattressNextDay.

Product development is important to Sealy, as only the manufacturers who invest real time and energy in design and development can continue to grow their business. Although most of this research is carried out in their North American facilities, the Sealy operation in the UK implements the results of the research to provide customers with the latest in mattress technology, and also benefits from Silentnight's own research, carried out closer to home in Lancashire.

Sealy has a wide range of mattresses, which means that consumers are bound to find a Sealy mattress that gives the support and comfort they're looking for. At MattressNextDay, we stock a number of Sealy mattresses, including:

• Sealy Memory
• Sealy Latex Superior
• Sealy Mirrorform
• Sealy Ortho Supreme
• Sealy Posture Pocket
• Sealy Posturepedic
• Sealy Premium Posture
• Sealy Ultra Superior
• Sealy Windermere

This range includes some of Sealy's most popular mattresses and you can find anything from a firm mattress to aid sleeping posture, to the new Mirrorform mattress, which has been specially developed by the company and comprising three layers of specially developed material that will give excellent support for many years.

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