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Mattresses For Single Beds

It's easy to think that it doesn't matter what sort of mattress goes on a single bed - but it does.

Whether you're buying your first single bed for your child, or you're buying beds for your guest room, the mattress you put on a single bed is just as important as the one you'd choose for yourself.

Just as the range of mattresses for double and larger beds has grown over the years, so single beds have benefited from advances in mattress technology. For those who sleep in single beds, the quality of the mattress is important whether it's for daily or occasional use.

For children

It's important that children have a good mattress to sleep on. All too often, children - particularly the younger ones in the family - sleep on and-me-down mattresses or beds, which have been used by other children and don't offer the level of support they need. Children are growing all the time, and the growth hormone is only produced whilst they sleep, so it's vital that they have a good quality mattress that supports their spine during the night.

For adults

Many adults choose to sleep in a single bed, particularly as they get older. It is at this time of life that the level of support a mattress gives becomes really important. Adjustable single beds are becoming more popular, because they allow older people to find the most comfortable sleeping position, and help them to sit up in bed much more easily. As with double beds, if you are buying a new bed and mattress, you will need to make sure that the base you choose will support your selected mattress properly, and you should try out the mattresses if possible to make sure that you choose one that is both comfortable and supportive.

When you're buying a single mattress, follow the same selection and buying process as you would for a double mattress, and you'll end up with a bed that provides lasting comfort and good quality sleep, whether it's for you, your family or your guests.

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