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Mattresses For Two

Sharing your mattress with someone else means that you have to consider their sleep needs as well as your own.

When you're buying a new mattress for yourself, you only have to consider your own comfort and support. When you share your bed with your partner, you need to choose a mattress that gives you both what you are looking for. It's for this reason that you should always go mattress shopping together. Your partner may not be a shopper, but an afternoon well-spent in a mattress showroom is preferable to nights of discomfort because you've chosen the wrong mattress.

Three steps for choosing a new mattress:

Once you've both decided on a day and time to look at mattresses, you need to think about what you need. There are three basic steps you need to follow:

Size - many couples still share a standard double bed, but there simply isn't enough width in these beds for two people to sleep comfortably. In fact, with just 2 feet and 3 inches each, you get approximately the same width as a baby's cot to yourself. If you have the space, upgrade to a king size or even a superking bed. You'll be amazed at the difference the extra space makes to the quality of sleep you get.

Support - the support that the mattress gives you is one of the most important considerations. You and your partner may look for different things from a mattress, so it's important that you can try out various types together. If one of you is significantly taller or heavier than the other, you may want to look at construction methods that provide individual support - such as pocket-sprung mattresses or reactive memory foam. If your ideas of support differ wildly, you may want to consider a zip and link mattress, where your individual mattresses can be completely differently constructed but can join together to make a double bed.

Cost - mattresses can be expensive, but you can get a good quality mattress for a reasonable price. Spending a lot of money on a mattress doesn't automatically make it the right one for you. Find the ones that suit you both in terms of support and comfort and then look online for great deals and discounts.

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