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Mattresses Matter

Does your mattress matter?

Does it matter if you've had your mattress for more than ten years? Does it matter if you can feel the springs underneath the outer covering? Does it matter if your mattress is starting to sag over your bed at the edges?

All of these things matter because without a good mattress, you're unlikely to get the sleep you need. Without regular, good quality sleep, you'll be less able to concentrate at work and more likely to become irritable with friends and family. In fact, your mattress could be the reason you've not been feeling too good recently.

Why does my mattress matter?

When it's time to choose a new bed, most people flick through interior magazines or watch design-led TV shows to see what sort of bed designs are available and what might fit into their own style. Most of their attention is focused on the bed, rather than on the mattress. Yet it's the mattress than contributes most to how well you sleep, and not the bed.

It's true that, ideally, you should buy your new mattress and new bed at the same time. This is because if your current bed base is old or damaged it won't provide the necessary support underneath your mattress, even if your mattress is brand new. It can even invalidate the manufacturer's guarantee if you don't have the correct support underneath the mattress and your mattress is damaged as a consequence. If you need to hold out before you can afford a mattress and a bed together, try buying a mattress topper. These will give you an additional level of support whilst you save your money, and come at a much lower cost.

When it comes to buying a new mattress, it matters that you think about the following things:

Size - your mattress needs to be big enough to give both your and your partner sleeping room. If you've been using a standard double bed, consider if you can fit a larger bed into your room.

Construction - manufacturers use many different methods of mattress construction. It's worth trying out a number of different types of mattress, from open coil to pocket sprung and memory foam, to see which might be the most supportive and comfortable for you.

Bases - assuming you are buying a bed at the same time as your mattress, check which mattresses will work best with the type of base you want. A slatted base may not support a sprung mattress, and an antique bed may be an unusual size.

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