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Mattress Choices For Bedsteads

What type of mattress do you need for your bedstead?

When it comes to buying a new mattress, the type of bed base you're using is just as important as the type of mattress you buy. Some mattresses work better with certain types of base than others, and it's far better to take the time to ensure that you've selected a mattress that works with your base than to discover in six months time that your bed is really uncomfortable.

A mattress for your bedstead

Bedsteads have made a big comeback in recent years. New designs in a wide range of materials mean that you can use a bedstead whether you're going for a stripped-back contemporary look or you're re-creating a period style. From brand new, low, leather-covered bedsteads to an original antique French cheery wood bedstead, there's something to suit everyone.

Choosing a mattress for your bedstead is a different matter. Most bedsteads use slatted bases as a support for the mattress, and the type of base that you choose, or that comes with your bed can make a real difference to the type of mattress you can use.

Sprung mattresses - open coil, continuous coil or pocket sprung mattresses are popular choices with consumers, but you need to consider whether this type of mattress will work with a slatted base. These mattresses often work best on a solid, sprung base, such as those found on divan beds. These give sprung mattresses the full support they need. The over-riding problem with sprung mattresses and slatted bases is that the springs and fillings are likely to push between the slats, reducing the level of support you get whilst you sleep, and shortening the life of the mattress. A way to avoid this happening is to either choose a slatted base with very little space between each slat, or to buy a special base topper, sometimes called a pegboard, which sits between your mattress and your base.

Foam and non-sprung mattresses - non-sprung mattresses are, in general, better for bedsteads. These mattresses are unlikely to be damaged by the slats and new fillings, such as memory foam, will recover quickly when there is no pressure put on them. When you're shopping for your bedstead, find out whether there is a memory foam or other non-sprung mattress available that will give you the support you need without risking damage from the bedstead's base.

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