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Mattress Choices For Divan Beds

What sort of mattress can you put together with your new divan bed?

Divan beds account for a significant percentage of all beds sold in the UK. They combine solid bases with excellent storage provision and a wide choice of headboards so that your bed fits in with your style. You can use any type of mattress with a divan base, depending on your personal preference when it comes to comfort and support.

A sprung mattress

Many people opt for a sprung mattress. This is the traditional form of mattress construction and come in three main types:

• Open coil
• Continuous spring
• Pocket sprung

The differences between these mattresses are mainly down to their construction. An open coil mattress is made up of many coils that are tied together in rows to form the basic construction of the mattress. A continuous spring mattress takes a single length of wire and effectively "knits" it into a spring construction, and a pocket sprung mattress is made up of hundreds, or even thousands of small springs that are sewn into individual pockets. Each of these mattresses has its own characteristics - which is why you need to try them out to see which is most comfortable for you - and all three types are suitable for use on a divan base.

A non-sprung mattress

An increasing number of mattresses are non-sprung. Using a variety of alternative fillings, non-sprung mattresses can provide just as much support as their sprung counterparts - and many people find that these mattresses are more comfortable as well. Examples of non-sprung mattresses include:

• Memory foam
• Latex
• Polyurethane
• Waterbeds
• Airbeds

Whilst waterbeds usually require a matching bed base, and airbeds are often used for guests or camping, the other non-sprung mattress fillings are able to provide excellent sleeping support and comfort when used with a divan bed.

The easiest way to find out which mattress is best for your new divan bed is to try some out. In many cases, you may be buying a divan bed that comes with a mattress on special offer - always ask to try out the mattress before you commit to the purchase. Saving £50 is a false economy if you end up spending several years on an uncomfortable mattress.

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