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Mattress Glossary

Confused by all the mattress terms you hear? Let us help.

Here, we've given you the most common terms you'll come across when you're shopping for a new mattress. If you have any other terms you'd like explained, or you have a question about any of our mattresses, just call us on 0333 0069 769.

Open coil mattress

Often also called open sprung, these mattresses have coils or springs inside. The intertwined coils form the main structure of the mattress, and absorb your body's weight when you are sleeping. Mattresses were traditionally open coil, and advances in technology mean that new open coil mattresses are still very comfortable and supportive.

Pocket sprung mattress

These mattresses still use the spring technology, but have adapted it to many individual springs, each housed in its own pocket. This method means that the mattress will adapt to whoever's sleeping in it, as there are many individual coils supporting each sleeper. The more coils in the mattress, the better it is.

Coil count

This is the number of coils within the mattress. There are standard numbers for each size of bed, but some manufacturers add extra coils to provide additional support.


The ticking is the fabric on the outside of the mattress - the fabric you see when you buy the mattress. Often covered in an attractive design, or patterned to match the divan base you are buying, the ticking gives additional protection to your mattress.


The filling is the material that is packed around springs or coils to make the mattress more comfortable. In some cases, the types of filling used can have an effect on the firmness of the mattress.

Memory foam

A material originally devised by NASA to absorb the impacts of G-force, memory foam is an ideal material for mattresses. Moulding itself to the heat of your body as you sleep, many people think it provides the ultimate in sleeping support.

Mattress topper

A thin mattress that sits on top of your existing mattress to give you additional support.


Most mattresses have edging applied around the ticking at the top and the bottom of the mattress. This helps to define the mattress and prevent it from spreading out after use. It can also help to provide extra support.

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