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Mattress Guarantees

If you buy a new mattress, it will come with some form of guarantee.

A mattress guarantee covers the craftsmanship and materials used to make the mattress for a certain period of time. The period covered by the guarantee varies from one manufacturer to another, and it makes sense to check out the terms and length of the guarantee before you buy the mattress. It's particularly important that you don't confuse a mattress guarantee with a mattress warranty - warranties last for a far shorter period and often cover a reduced number of circumstances.

What will my mattress guarantee cover?

The coverage of a guarantee varies, but will normally include:


In the majority of cases, manufacturers will replace your mattress within the guarantee period, if you find anything defective in the materials or workmanship. This may include:

• Damaged ticking (outer covering)
• Disconnected or poorly functioning spring systems
• Poor settlement of filling
• Discomfort associated with any part of the manufacturing process


Some guarantees may also cover you for the cost of repairing your mattress if it is possible. Whilst this is preferable to replacement for the manufacturers, it may be more costly for you - it could take a while for the mattress to be collected, repaired and returned, and you may also be responsible for the transportation costs.


With the advent of memory foam mattresses and top-of-the-range models, some manufacturers have begun to operate a returns guarantee. You can keep the mattress for a certain period - usually between 30 and 90 days - to see whether it is comfortable enough for you to use every night. If you're not satisfied, you simply return your mattress for a replacement or a refund. There are often strict conditions attached to this kind of offer, however, so make sure you read the small print first.

Be aware that manufacturers will base their guarantees on the type of mattress you are buying - so the guarantee will very between ranges as well as between manufacturers, and each guarantee will have its own inclusions and exclusions. Check your guarantee carefully so that you know what is and isn't covered.

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