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Mattress Guide Part 1

Looking for a new mattress? Read our helpful guide before you buy.

There was a time when the choice of mattresses was limited - and when we didn't really understand the effect that a good or bad mattress could have on the quality of sleep we get at night. Fortunately, advances in research and technology mean that today's mattresses are engineered to provide as much support and comfort as possible. This also means that there is a sometimes bewildering array of mattress types, which is why a basic guide is really useful.

A sprung mattress

The basic difference between most mattresses is that some are sprung and some are not. Within each of these areas there are different types of mattress. A sprung mattress is one that is constructed around a series of coils or springs. These are designed to provide the support the sleeper needs without any discomfort, and are built to last as long as possible. Different manufacturers design and make their sprung mattresses in different ways, but the principle is the same. Pocket sprung mattresses have small springs that are sown into individual pockets, making the mattress more responsive to the weight and position of the sleeper. The more springs there are, the more individual support the mattress can give.

Non-sprung mattress

A non-sprung mattress is simply a mattress that doesn't contain springs. The construction of a non-sprung mattress can be from a wide variety of materials and research and technology is constantly refining the ways that manufacturers can provide consumers with the very best mattresses. Popular construction materials include foam, latex, fiber, feather, gel, visco elastic and even water.

The type of mattress you eventually choose will depend on the style you find most comfortable. That's why you should try both sprung and non-sprung mattresses of various types before you buy. A memory foam mattress may not sound appealing to you, but once you've tried it and felt how it moulds to your shape and provides the ideal support, you may change your mind. The same applies to the latest pocket sprung mattresses and any other styles that you try.

In Part 2 of our guide, we'll look at the process of buying a mattress, and look out for our other articles that focus on each type of mattress available.

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