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Mattress Luxury

Mattresses can be incredibly luxurious.

What turns an ordinary mattress into a luxury mattress? Is there really something special about a mattress that costs over £1000? It all depends on your definition of luxury - here's what the mattress manufacturers think:


No matter what type of construction is used for the mattress, the luxury element is defined by the design and work that goes into the mattress. For example, in a pocket-sprung mattress, where each coil is sewn into its own fabric pocket, the number of coils that make up the bed is usually an indication of how luxurious and high-quality the manufacturers believe the mattress to be. Whilst a standard mattress may have 700-800 coils, a luxury mattress may have over 2,000, making the mattress incredibly responsive and supportive. Similarly, mattresses that use foam as the main basis for their construction are made more luxurious by adding different layers that provide great support with a still-soft feel.


There are many different fillings used by mattress manufacturers today. They are used in different quantities and combinations to create varying levels of firmness and comfort. The use of luxury fillings is one of the things that distinguish a high-end mattress from its budget cousin. Fillings such as silk, cotton, mohair and cashmere are all used to create a warm, comfortable and desirable mattress.


A luxury mattress is often finished by hand. In some cases, much of the general construction work on the mattress may have used a range of craftsmen's skills in order to produce the desired effect, but hand-finishing is usually the only visible sign for a customer that the mattress is at the luxury end of the market. Look for hand-finished covers, or for descriptions of the mattress that make a point of explaining how the mattress has been constructed.


The price of your mattress is an obvious indication that both the manufacturer and the retailer believe that the mattress is a luxury item. It's important to bear in mind that just because a mattress is expensive and very well made, it doesn't necessarily follow that it's the best mattress for you. Always try out a range of mattresses before you commit to buying anything.

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