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Mattress Manufacturers

Take a look at household mattress names with MattressNextDay.

Most mattress manufacturers are household names, even to those of us who only buy a mattress once every few years. The majority of the mattresses we sell at MattressNextDay are from UK companies, who invest time and money into researching the best methods of design and manufacture. The result is a constantly changing range of high quality mattresses that are built to provide you with long-term comfort and support - and at the great prices we can offer through our online store.

Dorlux - based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, Dorlux has been producing beds and mattresses for nearly 100 years. The company prides itself on using the latest technology together with traditional principles and craftsmanship to provide its customers with the very best in mattress support and comfort. At MattressNextDay, we sell Dorlux's Continental, Flexiform, Ortho 160 and Deluxe mattresses.

Dunlopillo - the inventors of Dunlopillo latex foam, this company has been producing the material for mattresses and seating since its invention in 1926. In the 1960s, the latex was used for seating in the Houses of Parliament. With its unique manufacturing system, Dunlopillo makes a wide range of mattresses, from its Luxury Latex collection to mattresses for adjustable beds.

Sleepeezee - this is one of the largest manufacturers of mattresses in the UK, and certainly the largest provider of pocket sprung mattresses. Like many of its competitors, Sleepeezee invests time and money into research, developing new mattress technology and manufacturing processes that help it to provide customers with the very best in terms of support and comfort. At MattressNextDay, we supply a number of top-selling Sleepeezee mattresses.

These are just a few of the many mattress manufacturers whose products are stocked and sold at MattressNextDay. To find out more, search by manufacturer by using the list down the left hand side of our website, or search by mattress size to see the ranges we have available.

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