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Mattress Must-haves

What are the key things that you must have when you choose a new mattress?

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to buying a new mattress. As well as the look and feel of the mattress, there are practical considerations that can make a real difference to whether you get value for money from your mattress or not.


Mattresses need to last several years, because they are quite a large investment, but how do you know whether you're choosing a mattress that's durable? Buying a mattress from one of the UK's leading mattress manufacturers is a good way to ensure quality construction. These mattresses often come with a guarantee - which can be up to 10 years - and may also come with a warranty which will cover problems in construction.


Don't go for the cheapest mattress just because it's cheap, or the most expensive mattress because you think that will guarantee quality. Buying a mattress isn't as easy as throwing a few hundred pounds at a retailer and walking away with a quality product. You need to find out about the type of mattresses on offer for the money you have, and take the time to try them out so that you can be sure that you're money is being spent in the right place.


It's no good having a quality mattress that will last for years if you're not comfortable sleeping on it. Research has shown that people value comfort above everything else when it comes to their beds, and the support that a mattress gives is a vital part of that comfort level. The right support means that your body can lie in its natural, relaxed position and be fully supported from head to toe. It means that, no matter how many times you change position during the night, your mattress will always feel comfortable. The only real way to test this out before you buy is to try several mattresses for yourself, until you find one that you're comfortable on.

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