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Mattress Science

The materials and methods used to make mattresses are based on scientific research and testing.

You can't improve the construction and support of a mattress without undertaking a lot of research and development. From the ideal number of springs in a mattress, to the best mattress depth for firm support, there are hundreds of things that need to be taken into consideration. What's more, all mattress manufacturers are in competition with each other, which means their research departments need to focus on solutions that make market and commercial sense as well as scientific sense. Here are just some of the elements that mattress researchers need to consider:


Materials science is a well-established and important field and some of the discoveries coming out of the sector can be related to the mattress industry. It was the science of space that developed memory foam - which is now used as a mattress filling by practically every mattress manufacturer today. Advances in material science are often funded as part of military, medical or space research projects, which may mean that the consumer won't see the benefits for several years, but the discoveries and inventions will eventually be of use in general consumer goods. Meanwhile, mattress manufacturers are constantly combining and testing the materials currently available to see whether they can improve the support or comfort that's offered by their products.

Size and depth

Bigger mattresses allow you more room to sleep comfortably, and larger mattresses are certainly selling well. Researchers need to look into construction methods to ensure that the largest mattresses are still able to retain their support levels, and to see whether creating deeper mattresses - more than 8 or 9 inches - can also have a positive effect on the sleep experience.

The science of sleep

It's not just the size, the materials used and the construction method that's important; it's a general understanding of why sleep is important to us, and an analysis of the way we sleep, and how the right mattress can enhance your sleeping experience. For that reason, mattress science combines a number of crucial elements in order to keep developing innovative mattress solutions that provide us with the long-term support and comfort we need.

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