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Mattress Springs - Construction

The construction of mattress springs or coils is essential to the overall comfort and support the mattress gives.

The design and manufacture of coils for mattresses is a well-established sector. Advances in the way we understand sleep and what promotes it means that mattress designers and producers are constantly refining the construction of their sprung mattresses, to the extent that there are now a range of sprung mattresses to choose from.

Open coil mattress construction

A number of open coils - usually with 5-6 twists in each coil - are laced together across their width and length. The "lace" consists of a screw wire, called a helical wire. Once all the coils are laced together, you have the foundation of an open coil mattress. Open coil mattresses can use a variety of strengths of coil in order to make the mattress more supportive in some areas than others - or to prevent rolling into the middle of the bed. This form of sprung mattress is still widely constructed and sold and it is a very viable alternative to the newer pocket coil mattresses available.

Pocket coil mattress construction

Pocket-sprung mattresses are becoming increasingly popular. Their construction requires almost twice as many coils as the open coil mattress. Instead of being strung together, each coil in a pocket sprung mattress is compressed and sewn into its own pocket. The pockets are then sewn together in such a way that that coils can move independently. When all the pockets are joined together, you have a smooth, supportive mattress system. The fact that each coil can move on its own means that they can adapt to the weight and sleeping position of each user of the mattress, and will then spring back once the bed is unoccupied. The more pocket springs in a mattress, the more supportive it is, which is why some of these mattresses seem so expensive. Remember though, that the work that goes into creating a high-count pocket spring mattress is intensive.

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