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A Guide To Mattress Ticking

We give little thought to mattress ticking - the fabric that holds our mattresses together.

To the customer, ticking is just the outward appearance of the mattress, but it has to fulfil many requirements, and it's an important part of the mattress you buy.


The material that's used for mattress ticking is important. You will be expecting your mattress to last for a good 10 years, and that's not going to happen if the ticking wears through quickly or stains easily. The more we learn about materials, how they work and how we can treat them so that they work better, the more resilient mattress ticking becomes. At the cheapest end of the mattress market, ticking is manufactured from polyester or polypropylene, which still performs well, whilst more expensive mattresses have ticking in high quality cotton yarns or viscose.

Additional qualities

Manufacturers are constantly striving to make their mattresses the most appealing on the market. In today's market, where the focus is on hygiene and reducing pollutants in the air, mattress ticking needs to be doubly resilient. Stain resistant, anti-allergy, anti-dust mite, water resistant, breathable and anti-static are just some of the requirements that are being met by mattress developers.


To most of us, it's the pattern on the outside of the mattress that's appealing, and that's what many manufacturers use to give their mattresses more visual appeal. There's more than just the design involved though. Find out if the ticking on the mattress you're interested in offers any additional qualities such as those listed above and look for other details such as a quilted finish or hand stitching at the side of the mattress - which helps it to keep its shape for longer. Also check that the mattress has passed BS7177, which covers the flammability of mattresses and other furnishings. You should be sure that the mattress you choose doesn't just look good, but is safe as well.

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