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Mattress Trends

What's the latest in mattress technology and style?

Mattress manufacturers in the UK and abroad spend thousands of pounds every year on research and development - looking for better ways to make their mattresses more supportive and more comfortable. We're just starting to realise how important it is that we get the right mattress and, with so many different varieties out there, it can be easy to get confused.

Individual support

The trend in providing as much individual support as possible is continuing. Research shows that we sleep better when our mattresses support our full weight and mould themselves to our sleeping position. Mattresses that give us this type of support throughout the night, no matter how many times we change position, are growing in popularity. From pocket sprung mattresses that include over 2,000 individual coils, each nested in its own pocket, to advanced memory foam that reacts to body temperature in order to mould itself to your body weight, there's no shortage of mattresses that can provide the support you're looking for.

Luxury fillings

We're working and playing harder than ever, which means we want to come home to a really comfortable, luxurious bed. Designers re-inforce this concept by suggesting we use tactile materials for throws, cushions and bolsters to make our beds places of sanctuary, but the real comfort comes from the mattress. Using luxury fillings like wool, mohair, cashmere and silk, together with additional layers on the top of the mattress, or even an additional mattress topper, manufacturers are providing the very latest in luxury beds.

Big is best

More people are choosing king and superking mattresses than ever before. The standard double bed simply isn't big enough for two people to sleep comfortably, so even the relatively small jump up to king size is making a difference to the quality of sleep you can get. If you have the room and the budget, go for superking - not only does it give you lots of space to sleep in, but it's perfect for Sunday mornings with the papers, or a bed full of children.

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