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Mattress Types - Latex Foam

The latest latex foam can provide you with a new level of support and comfort.

Made from rubber trees, latex foam has a wide range of uses, from simple mattresses to Jim Henson's puppets. The nature of this material means that it is ideal for moulding to any surface, including the contours of your body when you're sleeping. It is particularly useful for those who suffer from bad backs, necks and other joint or muscle problems. It moulds to your body every time you change position, so you always get the ultimate in comfort and support.

Latex foam is used by most mainstream mattress manufacturers and has a number of qualities that make it a perfect material for sleepers, including:

Health - latex foam is naturally anti-allergenic and also has anti-microbial properties. This makes it an extremely hygienic choice for mattress buyers - particularly those who are buying for an allergy sufferer. Latex foam inhibits the growth of bacteria and mould, and many types of latex mattresses are breathable, so that the sleeper does not get too hot during the night.

Silence - the squeaky sound of the ageing springs in a traditional mattress is a sure sign that the mattress is getting past its best. It can be annoying for those trying to sleep and it reinforces the fact that the mattress is no longer comfortable. Latex foam, on the other hand, is silent. There's no need to turn it because the foam doesn't need to distribute or settle within the ticking, and the silence helps to contribute to better sleep.

Flexibility - latex foam is flexible in two ways. It can be adapted to construct varying ratings of mattress, from soft to extra-firm. That means that if you prefer a softer mattress to your partner, you can both get exactly what you want, but still use the same material. Latex foam is also flexible in that it can be adapted for a variety of uses - if you have an unusual sized bed, you can get a custom-made latex mattress, and you can also use latex foam for adjustable beds because it moulds so well to the shape of the frame and adjustable mechanism.

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