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Mattress Types - Memory Foam

Memory foam has been adopted by the mattress industry as a supportive, comfortable and long-lasting mattress filler.

Like many advances in consumer goods, memory foam has come from research and development into space applications. Originally developed to help absorb the impact of G-force on US astronauts, its wider industrial uses have extended to providing us all with the opportunity to experience sleep support that fits us like a glove.

How does a memory foam mattress work?

Memory foam is also known as "visco elastic". It reacts to the temperature of the weight on it- your body in the case of a mattress - and moulds itself to the shape, giving complete support. When you get up and the memory foam stops sensing your body temperature, it reverts to its natural state. When you move during the night, the memory foam adjusts with you, providing you with the same support no matter what position you're sleeping in.

Why might it be better for me than other mattress types?

Although current mattress technology means that sprung mattresses and other fillings are more supportive than ever, they don't necessarily provide the level of support you're looking for. Memory foam moulds itself exactly to your body shape, so that no part of you is uncomfortable. Whilst it might not suit everyone, an increasing number of people are choosing a memory foam mattress over conventional constructions because of the level of comfort and support it can give. If you have a bad back, or you regularly wake up with aches and pains, memory foam may give you the "weightless" feeling you're looking for.

I'm not sure about memory foam, what should I do next?

If you think that you might like to try a memory foam mattress, but you're not sure whether it will provide the comfort you require, there are a couple of things you can do that might help:

Buy a memory foam mattress topper - mattress toppers are thin mattresses that you can lay on top of your existing mattress. They are a cheaper alternative to buying a brand new mattress and also give you the opportunity to try out the memory foam option. Just put the memory foam topper on top of your mattress and you should be able to see how it reacts to your body temperature to provide you with support. If you're convinced, you can buy a complete memory foam mattress when the time for a new mattress arrives.

Try some out - pop down to your local showroom and try out some memory foam mattresses. Lying on a mattress for just 10 minutes can give you a really good idea of the difference between memory foam and other forms of construction. Trying out these mattresses is absolutely free and helps to give you more confidence when it comes to deciding what to spend your money on.

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