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Mattress Types - Orthopaedic

Are you considering an orthopaedic mattress?

If you suffer from back pain, a new mattress could make all the difference. In some cases, an old, sagging mattress could be the cause of back pain, and the wrong mattress can certainly exacerbate a problem that already exists. A number of mattress manufacturers have "Orthopaedic" ranges. What does this mean and how do you make such an important choice?

Is a hard mattress good for my back?

There is no formal standard that a mattress has to reach in order to be classed as orthopaedic. Manufacturers tend to assign that description to their firmest mattresses, showing that they have the in-built support necessary for those with bad backs. The old adage that a hard mattress was essential for a bad back is no longer true. Firmer mattresses may well give you the support you need, but don't just pick the most firm mattress in the assumption that it will cure all your problems. On the contrary, a mattress that's too firm can be just as damaging as one that's too soft.

Get advice

If you're really suffering badly and you believe that your mattress is causing or contributing to your pain, consult your doctor or orthopaedic specialist before you buy a new mattress. They may have advice on the best ways to find the right mattress for you. Whatever you decide to do, you will still need to try some mattresses out. Buying a mattress without knowing whether it's comfortable for you or not is a recipe for disaster. Instead, take the time to visit some showrooms - even if you're eventually going to buy online - so that you can test out a number of mattresses. You'll notice that even the ones that carry an "Orthopaedic" tag feel different, and you'll be in a much better position to decide which mattress is right for your needs.

If you share your mattress, don't forget that your partner needs to be well-supported and comfortable too. It may be worthwhile considering a zip and link option where you can have the firmer mattress you need and your partner can choose a mattress that they can sleep comfortably upon.

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