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Mattress Types - Pocket Sprung

Some of today's most desirable mattresses are pocket sprung.

Pocket sprung mattresses are one of the most popular types of mattress on the market. Their construction involves a number of individual springs that are sown into pockets, giving greater support and flexibility to the mattress. The time taken to construct a pocket sprung mattress means that these are often among the more expensive types of mattress on the market.

What's special about a pocket sprung mattress?

The level of support and comfort offered by a pocket sprung mattress is one of the reasons that it is the preferred choice of many customers. A pocket sprung mattress can have anywhere from 600 to over 3,000 individual springs, depending on how luxurious the manufacturers want the mattress to be. Each spring is individually protected by being sewn into its own pocket, which is made of a soft, durable fabric. These pockets are then sewn together, taking care that each spring is isolated from the next. The benefits of this type of construction are:

Support - because each spring reacts individually to the pressure being put upon it, the mattress gives each sleeper excellent support. If you share a bed, the springs that are supporting your partner won't have any effect on the springs that support you - so you won't suffer from having a partner who's heavier, taller or sleeps in an awkward position.

Comfort - each spring is enclosed in its own pocket, and once all the pockets are sewn together, soft, natural fillings help to increase the comfort level. In addition, most pocket sprung mattresses are hand-stitched on the sides, which improves comfort and increases the life expectancy of the mattress.

Whilst pocket sprung mattresses may be more expensive than their budget counterparts, their quality construction means that you will get excellent value for money and designed-in support that will help you to get the quality sleep you need.

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