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Divan Bed Buying Guide

Divan Bed Buying Guide

What Is A Divan Bed?

Divan beds are usually a simple wooden bed base. The divan base acts as a platform to support your mattress and you have a variety of ways to customise it, including storage options, upholstery options and leg options. Often, matching head and footboards are available too. There are also divan bed sets, which come with the bed base and a mattress. In this guide, we’ll take you through all the options available.

Benefits Of A Divan Bed

The main benefit of a divan bed is the storage. There are plenty of storage options to choose from, such as ottomans or drawers. This makes them great for smaller bedrooms, where space is at a premium.

Another reason divan beds are great for small rooms is the fact that they are compact. The divan base acts as a platform for a mattress, so the bed can literally take up the space that a mattress would. As long as you don’t add a headboard or footboard, the space of a mattress is all that a divan bed needs.

Talking about adding headboards and footboards, that’s another benefit of divan beds; they are completely customisable. You can choose from various storage options, legs, upholstery colours and fabrics, as well as whether you want to add a matching headboard or footboard.

What Type Of Divan Bed Is Best?

There’s no real best divan bed, it all depends on your needs and preferences as you can customise so much, making it very much a matter of personal choice. We stock divan beds from a range of brands, such as Silentnight beds, so you have plenty of choices.

Let’s go through the options which are available to choose from:

Divan Bed Bases

Divan bases come in two types:

  • Platform Bases: Also known as solid top bases, a platform base has a solid panel top. They don’t have any springs, but instead have a solid frame. The frame is usually made from hardwood and is upholstered with a layer on top. These have a firm feel and offer a sturdy base.
  • Pocket Sprung Bases: This type of divan base offers more support and is softer. A complete pocket sprung unit is mounted on a solid wooden frame. A pocket sprung divan bed is the more luxurious option.

Divan Bed Feet

Feet for your divan bed come in three main options:

  • Glides: This type of foot can aid in moving your divan around the room. Sturdy and flat, they will ensure that your bed does not move when you get on and off your bed. Glides are a good choice for both carpeted and smooth flooring.
  • Castors: These move your divan more easily than glides, as castors work like wheels. These are better for carpeted rooms, as they will slide too much on a smooth floor. If you want to have a divan with castors on a smooth floor you will need some castor cups to stop the bed moving when you get on and off. Castors can be either metal or plastic.
  • Legs: If you choose legs, you can not have drawers as your storage options. A divan with legs is lifted slightly off the floor, so you do have some storage space underneath the bed. Legs work well on smooth floors as your bed will not move when you climb on or off it.

Divan Bed Storage

Divan beds can come with or without storage. Whatever you choose you will still have the benefit of a compact bed. The storage options for divan beds are:

  • Ottoman: An ottoman divan bed offers plenty of storage. The bed lifts from either the bottom or side, so you have all of the space beneath for storage. This is done by a hinge and hydraulic springs which make it easy for the base to be lifted even if the mattress is in place.
  • Drawers: There are a few options when it comes to divan beds with drawers. You can choose 2 or 4 drawers. Drawers can be placed on the end or in the sides of the bed, whichever is best for your room. There is also the option of additional continental drawers. These are smaller drawers that are perfect if you have a bedside table or just don’t have the room to open a drawer fully in your room.
  • Hideaway: If you don’t have room for drawers, a hideaway could be the solution to storage. The storage in this type of divan is hidden behind a piece of matching fabric. The hollow base provides a good amount of storage.
  • No Storage: If you want a compact bed, but don’t need storage, divan beds without storage are available. You can choose a no storage option on many of the beds, or if you choose a divan with legs you will not have storage options.

Headboards And Footboards

If you have a little extra space and want to add the finishing touch to your divan bed, you can add a headboard and/or footboard. They are easy to attach and divan beds often have matching head and footboards available.

How To Put A Divan Bed Together

Divan beds are easy to assemble. If you purchase a single or small single your bed will arrive in one part. A double divan bed or larger come in two parts. All you need to do to assemble is to attach the castor or legs to the base. Next (for those in two parts), you need to connect the two parts with the linking bar.

If you choose an ottoman, you will also need to screw the ottoman lids together.

For attaching head and footboards, this is also easy. There are predrilled holes in the base, beneath the fabric. All you need to do is locate these holes and screw the headboard bolts into them. Then the headboard or footboard will slide into place. You can adjust heights by unscrewing the bolts slightly and moving the board to your desired height, then tighten the bolts again.

If you have decided that a divan bed is the bed for you, you can browse our range here.

Author: Lucy

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