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Ergopedic - revolutionising the way you sleep

Ergopedic mattresses perform the key dual function of providing the medical support you need from a bed while allowing a comfortable and revitalising night's sleep.

How does it work?
The high density, body forming foam that is used by Ergopedic, originally invented by NASA, is designed to provide you with the perfect conditions for sleep. It is a new range featuring products which take into account all the elements which are needed for a rewarding night of shut eye.

Through the in-built technology, which allows the mattress to breathe as it should, you can be kept at the ideal temperature until you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed.

The benefits of memory foam
Ergopedic is able to adjust to the contours of your body thanks to its specially designed memory foam composition. Not only does this relieve pressure on the body's muscles and joints with its spinal support - it also offers a healthy bounce, which makes sliding into bed every night such a pleasure!

The importance of weight distribution
One of the most important of Ergopedic's attributes that you won't find in standard mattresses is the transition layer which affords an optimum level of comfort through weight distribution which is kept consistent. This doesn't just take the strain off the body, it also negates significant vibrations through the mattress when movements are made, which can disturb sleeping partners during the night.

Pain reliever
Memory foam is proven to relieve aches and pains, and well as the common soreness caused by everyday stresses and strains. It helps your body recover from injuries by displacing pressure points and detecting problem areas by their temperature, moulding to the body accordingly.

Hygienic and clean
Beds can be a resting place for dust mites, but with memory foam mattresses from Ergopedic, the polyurethane foam used prevents the dust mites which can cause allergies to collect in a bed.

Packed with benefits
It is not only the mattress itself that is packed with benefits which can make all the difference - the removable cover itself is breathable, and can be easily washed and replaced.

Memory foam mattresses have previously been seen as at the aspirational end of the sleep product market, and inaccessible to some. Ergopedic is changing all that by disrupting the market - ensuring that its range delivers value simply not present in rival collections. The pricing of Ergopedic blows brands offering similar products out of the water, delivering the same qualities without the inflated price tag.

Your perfect bed buddy
Ergopedic memory foam mattresses are compatible with many types of bed, from solid to slatted and sprung, meaning many different decors, styles and structures of bed can be used with the products. They can be made to measure, and all you have to do is slide them on and off for an enhanced bedtime experience.

Ergopedic luxury mattresses are designed and manufactured in the UK, giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are supporting the British economy!