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Extra Firm
Hyder Backcare Ultimate 3000 Mattress
Hyder Backcare Ultimate 3000 Mattress
Hyder Backcare Ultimate 3000 Mattress
Hyder Backcare Ultimate 3000 Mattress
Hyder Backcare Ultimate 3000 Mattress thumbnail
Hyder Backcare Ultimate 3000 Mattress thumbnail
Hyder Backcare Ultimate 3000 Mattress thumbnail
Hyder Backcare Ultimate 3000 Mattress thumbnail

Hyder Backcare Ultimate 3000 Mattress

4.9 star rating


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Pocket Springs Wool 26cm Depth Extra Firm

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If you’ve been looking for the ultimate mattress for back pain sufferers, or you simply want a firm yet comfortable sleep, the Backcare Ultimate 3000 is the answer.

Designed from the ground up with comfort and support in mind, this dual-sided extra firm mattress prevents excess curvature of the spine during sleep – a key cause of back pain. The Backcare Ultimate 3000 is built with series 3000 pocket springs to provide uniquely zoned support across the full span of the mattress. This means that disturbances on one side of the bed won’t impact the other – so you can always rest assured of a peaceful night. For additional back support, this premium mattress also includes an extra deep wool layer made using exclusive British brand wool. The fabric itself is a natural viscose for a light yet versatile feel, and the mattress is finished with a delicate side stitch border for that extra touch of style.


Pocket Springs

Pocket springs are springs mounted in their own seperate fabric pockets, meaning they work completely independently of one another and can provide your body with better pressure relieving support.


This type of filling gives a soft cushioned feel to the mattress. Wool is ideal for those who prefer their mattress to be traditional and natural.

26cm Depth

This mattress is approximately 26cm deep.

Extra Firm Support

The firmest level of support. Also known as orthopaedic.

Orthopaedic Support

Designed to offer a firmer sleep surface, providing targeted support for your back and joints.

No Roll Together

Individual personal sleeping zones mean that you won't be disturbed if your partner rolls or moves, as you won't feel their motion. There's also no tendency to roll towards the middle of the mattress.

Pressure Relieving

This type of mattress gives maximum pressure relief, allowing your body weight to spread across it evenly. This ultimately means less tossing and turning throughout the night and a more relaxing and restful sleep.

Turning Handles

Flag-stitched handles are attached to the sides of the mattress to assist in turning or rotating.


The mattress has fillings on both sides. Double-sided mattresses need to be turned regularly to keep them in good condition.

NBF Approved Product

Peace of mind and reassurance - the manufacturer of this item is an approved member of the National Bed Federation's Code of Practice.

Made in the UK

This item has been manufactured in the UK.

Warranty & Guarantee

Hyder Beds 1 Year Guarantee

Replacement of your Hyder Beds mattress or bed if it develops a fault within 1 year of the date of purchase.


Most of our mattresses are available for free next day delivery. Order before 5pm, and we will dispatch your mattress or bed the same day, for free next day delivery. You can also select another day of your choice in your basket. Don't forget to check out our range of additional services like room of choice delivery & mattress recycling - where we take your old unwanted mattress away.

About Hyder Beds

Hyder Beds Ltd was born through infusion, providing experienced management with years in the industry. This family business is fast developing and punching above its weight. Producing traditional handcrafted beds and mattresses, combining traditional techniques and craftsmanship with the state of the art technology and design, all our beds and mattresses are meticulously hand-crafted to enhance their individual character. The finest materials are used to ensure the greatest comfort and traditional hand-finishing helps extend the life of the bed. Overall, a "rightness" of design, avoiding both the fussy or whimsically fashionable, and yet offering the highest standard in visual appeal.

Trustpilot Product Rating Average 4.9/5 based on 15 reviews
5 Star 93%
4 Star 7%
3 Star 0%
2 Star 0%
1 Star 0%
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All Delivery Firmness Price Quality Orthopaedic
Verified Review
Seems very hard at...
Seems very hard at first, thought perhaps I had made a mistake, but my sleep quality has increased significantly, both my own feeling in the morning with less waking during the night, and confirmed by sleep monitor on smart watch, showing increased deep sleep.
Verified Review
Very nice mattress max...
Very nice mattress, max firmness and very comfy with the addition of wool.
Verified Review
Extremely firm but with...
Extremely firm but with some give - the perfect combination for us.
Verified Review
Firmer than I expected...
Firmer than I expected but it won't take long to get used to that after having such a soft mattress previously. Decent nights sleep and no aching back when I woke up. I love it.
Verified Review
Great very firm matteress...
Great very firm matteress
Verified Review
Firm yet comfortable and...
Firm, yet comfortable and supportive. As a predominantly 'side sleeper' with a chronic back problem, this mattress has been nothing short of a revelation and a god-send. Wish I had heard of this brand before. Definitely a big improvement over some of the well-known, big name brand orthopaedic mattresses I have had. Even better, this is a british company. Well done to all concerned from a customer who has had his first unbroken, pain-free night's sleep in a long time.
Verified Review
Have only slept on...
Have only slept on this mattress for a few nights so far, but am very happy with the degree of firmness and level of comfort. It is supportive, allows you to sleep on the mattress rather than sink into it, but has enough give to be relaxing. It is slightly wider than the 150cm of my king size bedframe, so takes a little more effort to push into position, but this can be done even with a mattress protector and sheets added
Verified Review
Having suffered from back...
Having suffered from back pain and sciatica on and off for about 3 years, I thought it was time to get an extra firm mattress. This hyder mattress was a great price at 350.00. I left it in my online basket for 24 hours, and got an email with another 5% off. Love a bargain!the mattress is certainly extra firm, but I find it very comfortable. I've slept very well since it arrived and my back pain is reduced significantly. I had not heard of hyder before, but quality and comfort are exceptional!