Clearance Mattresses

London Mattress

London Mattress. The London mattress is our entry level mattress, perfect for those on a smaller ..

was £71.99
SAVE £22

Nautilus Orchid Waterproof Mattress

The Nautilus Landlord Water Proof from the Dreamland essentials Contract range is the perfect mattre..

was £129.99
SAVE £70

Gelflex 50 Mattress

The Gelflex 50 range uses the most advanced technology in mattress comfort. Manufactured by infusing..

was £139.99
SAVE £60

Kayflex Windsor Memory Mattress

Make sleepless nights a thing of the past with this memory coil mattress, perfect for any bedroom. T..

was £199.99
SAVE £100

Pocket Backcare 1400 Mattress

The 9" Luxury Back Care 1400 mattress offers exceptional value for money. Constructed classically wi..

was £173.99
SAVE £74

Kayflex Pocket Millenium 1200

Pocket springs at an affordable price. Consisting of no roll pocket springs with a 25 mm layer of re..

was £249.99
SAVE £130

SpringKing Sublime 1000 Mattress

The Spring King Sublime 1000 mattress is handmade luxury and has pocket springs, delivering a higher..

was £191.99
SAVE £62

Amari Memory Pocket Airflow

The Dreams Memory Pocket Airflow mattress from one of the UK’s leading bed manufacturers. The Dreaml..

was £219.99
SAVE £40

Pocket Tuscany 2000 Mattress

This luxurious Tuscany 2000 mattress is constructed with pocket springs. Manufactured in the UK, it ..

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was £299.99
SAVE £120

SpringKing Pocket Cool Gel 2000

The 25cm pocket Cool Gel 2000 Mattress is the gem of our Lunar collection, providing you with astoni..

was £215.99
SAVE £36

Pocket Riviera 3000 Mattress

This luxurious Riviera 3000 mattress is constructed with pocket springs. Manufactured in the UK, it ..

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was £399.99
SAVE £200

Silentnight Sofia 1200 Pocket Mattress

The Silentnight Sofia 1200 Pocket Mattress has been awarded `Which?` best buy for 2015 for being an ..

was £311.99
SAVE £92

HD Luxury Soft Mattress

HD Luxury Soft Mattress - This Luxury Soft Mattress is an Ultimate Mattress in it's Class. Specific..

was £441.59
SAVE £212

Coolflex 4000 Platinum Mattress

Coolflex 4000 platinum Mattress is made from 10cm upper layer of high density visco-elastic polymer ..

was £599.99
SAVE £350

SpringKing Backcare Legend 2500

The Backcare Legend Mattress offers outstanding luxury, comfort and support, with its natural fillin..

was £407.99
SAVE £138

Memory Pocket Sublime 3000

The 9" Luxury Memory Pocket sublime 3000 mattress presents a remarkably supportive and comfortable s..

was £413.99
SAVE £134

Kaymed Spinal Support 2000

The innovative Spinal Support 2000 mattress from Kaymed is hand built by Kaymed’s experienced crafts..

was £359.99
SAVE £60

Kaymed Memory Support 6000

The Kaymed Spinal Support 6000 mattress has a 13guage, firmer open coil spring unit, which is reinfo..

was £599.99
SAVE £200