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A brief history of Dunlopillo

Dunlopillo has a history that's almost as impressive as the quality of their products. In 1929, a research scientist working at Dunlop's research facility accidentally discovered that mixing together and heating soap, liquid latex and gelling agents would create latex foam.

Shortly afterwards, Dunlopillo was formed, manufacturing seating for cinemas, latex cushioning for cars and planes? and of course, pillows and mattresses. The company flourished during the 1930s, however, output was reduced significantly during WWII, due to the blockading of the rubber plantations.

The years after WWII saw several notable achievements? the company's latex seats were installed in the Houses of Parliament and Dunlopillo provided the seat used in the record-breaking car Bluebird. The company's research paid off too - studies indicated that a latex mattress was better able to kill bed bugs and bacteria cells than a traditional mattress.

The huge industrial company BTR acquired Dunlop in 1985 although a management buyout during the '90s meant that Dunlopillo became a separate privately owned company. And it also meant the company had the funds and the opportunity to continue with their research and development.

Dunlopillo has been manufacturing quality and innovative sleep products for almost 80 years. Today the company is one of the most instantly recognised bedding brands and their products ensure a good night's sleep for people in over 40 countries all over the world.