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A good nights rest for the Kiddies equals a good nights rest for Grown-ups

When you can't get good nights sleep you really pay for it the next day. You feel sluggish and less able to focus on your work and other obligations. Are you finding yourself and spouse getting less rest than you need because your child gets out of bed several times a night? Children also pay a price during the day when they did not sleep well during the night. They have trouble concentrating and performing at school and due to tiredness they are more apt to have a fresh mouth with teachers and parents and to get into scuffles with other children. Adults and children need different amounts of sleep a night for optimal health, with children needing 10 to 12 hours of slumber, while adults need about 8 hours of slumber a night. If your child is having trouble going to sleep and or staying asleep throughout the night and there is no medical explanation for this, consider that your child's bed may be responsible for the lack of sleep in your household. Kids feel safe and secure and sleep better in beds designed just for them. A quality, comfortable mattress for their bed is a must as well. Silentnight has a bed collection specially designed for children styles children and parents will like and made using quality materials for durability and value that grownups will appreciate. To find quality, comfortable mattresses look at our mattress selections to find a perfect mattress. A good nights rest for the kiddies equals a good nights rest for grownups too.