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Advice on Choosing Mattresses from Simmons Bedding Company

If anyone knows beds and mattresses, it's the folks at Simmons Bedding Company. Their innovations and inventions have been revolutionizing the way people sleep since 1899. They offer these tidbits of advice on choosing the right mattress for your sleep needs. 1. Think ahead. When choosing a size and quality of mattress, think ahead to your future years, and consider partners, pets and kids into the equation. Investing a little in a bigger size and better quality now can save you money in the long run. 2. Pick the right size. Mattresses come in four standard sizes. Simmons offers a fifth size, as well. Be sure to measure the space you have available as well as check your bed size to be sure that you choose the right size mattress. Even more importantly, be sure to choose a mattress and bed size that is comfortable for you. The more room you have available for sleeping, the more comfortably you'll sleep. 3. Consider any special problems or circumstances that change your bedding needs. You spend nearly one third of your life on your mattress. It's important that you take things like your weight, height and any special needs you have into account. Back problems require firm support. Extra weight needs a better foundation under the mattress. 4. Do test out the mattress in store, and make sure you buy a mattress that offers an in home guarantee and trial. Unless you lay down on the mattress, you'll have no real idea how it feels. Experts at Simmons advise getting into your most common sleep position and trying out the mattress in various positions to make sure that it's comfortable no matter what.