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An End to Back Pain

If you are in pain, it could very well be because of the way that you sleep. Many mattresses, especially older ones, do not offer the kind of support that we need to sleep comfortably and to rest well. Dunlopillo mattresses are different, providing us with the comfort and support that we need no only to sleep well, but to wake up feeling refreshed and pain free. Back pain is not only caused by poor sleeping habits or sleeping conditions, but a bad mattress is a huge contributor to that kind of discomfort and can be easily replaced to create a perfect night's sleep. With natural latex being the key ingredient, Dunlopillo has created a range of beds that fit your needs by contouring to your body. These wonderful beds are not just comfortable, they also provide the support that you need to keep your neck and spine in alignment so that your sleep refreshes you instead of causing you to wake up stiff and sore. These beds are by far superior. Go to www.mattressnextday.co.uk to get your Dunlopillo bed.