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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Simmons Bedding Company, makers of fine quality mattresses for over 100 years, has also been one of the prime movers behind sleep research in the mattress industry. Various research studies commissioned by Simmons have helped them to create mattresses that provide the best night sleep possible. According to some of this research, nearly 70% of adults are at least marginally sleep-deprived - even though they believe that they are getting a full night of sleep each night. Simmons offers the following questions to help you decide if you're getting enough sleep. Do you: ? Need an alarm clock to wake up in the morning? ? Have trouble getting out of bed after you wake? ? Regularly hit the snooze button on your alarm clock on the weekdays? ? Feel tired and irritable at work? ? Have trouble concentrating on things and remembering things? ? Have low critical thinking skills and creativity? ? Fall asleep watching television often? ? Find yourself falling asleep in warm rooms and boring meetings? ? Have trouble staying awake after a heavy meal or after only one or two drinks? ? Often fall asleep when you relax after dinnertime? ? Fall asleep immediately or within a few minutes of going to bed? ? Get drowsy when driving? ? Sleep in extra hours on the weekends? ? Frequently need to nap in order to get through the day? If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, you are probably not getting enough sleep. Your mattress could be at fault. Choosing a supportive, comfortable mattress can help you get the sleep that you need to function at your best.