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Being Firm Doesn't Equal Sacrifice

Some feel that having a firm mattress means they are going to have to sacrifice some of the other factors of a good mattress. An example of this is the fact that a lot of firm mattresses have to be turned on a regular basis in order to prolong their life and their effectiveness. This is actually a myth or at least Rest Assured has now made it a myth through their Ortho Latex No Turn 2000. The Ortho Latex No Turn 2000 gives you that firm foundation with Latex No Turn technology. The Latex technology makes it possible for the mattress to recover its shape; therefore you get to enjoy a firm bed with all of the advantages of a no turn bed. That is definitely worth the time and money invested in purchasing a Rest Assured Ortho Latex No Turn 2000. But you are not just limited to the 2000 pocketed springs that Ortho beds give you. It is the Double Comfort King Size mattress that gives you 2000 pocketed springs, but based on your own preferences you can choose between fewer spring counts such as the Ortho Latex No Turn 1400 and the Ortho Latex No Turn 1000. As you can see, it is entirely up to you as to what kind of mattress you want and need. We each have our own comfort levels and Rest Assured gives us options through their lines of luxury beds that conform to the needs of those who are in search of a better night's sleep. It is exciting to know that a good rest is not far away. www.mattressnextday.co.uk