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Benefits of Memory Foam

Since 1946, Millbrook Beds has been offering beds, bedding, and mattresses of the highest quality. We are the only U.K. manufacturer that truly understands the science of sleep. Understanding the science of sleep has allowed us to offer innovative memory foam mattresses, which can actually improve the quality of sleep. The benefits of memory foam over traditional spring mattresses are many. Because memory foam mattresses are made of denser and heavier materials, they do not wear out as easily and last significantly longer than spring mattresses. In the end, this saves you money and gives you plenty to sleep on. When you use a memory foam mattress you are actually avoiding pressure points. Without pressure points, you reduce the likelihood of waking up sore and tired. Memory foam reduces and eliminated pressure points because weight is distributed evenly across the mattress as it conforms to your body. The springs never poke through! Another incredible benefit of memory foam is that it encourages less tossing and turning. The shape of the memory foam is determined by your body?s natural sleeping position therefore keeping you comfortable all night. Memory foam also reduces the likelihood that your partner will wake you up with his or her movements since it is confined to their side of the bed. Plainly and simply put, a memory foam mattress will improve the quality of sleep that you experience. Millbrook Beds knows all about this which is why we are dedicated to providing the best quality mattresses in the United Kingdom. www.mattressnextday.co.uk