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Benefits of Sealy Pillows

Sealy is perhaps better known for their beds and mattresses - but they in fact offer a wide range of pillows to further ensure a good night's sleep. Not only are Sealy pillows comfortable, they offer such benefits as allergen protection and extra support. Sealy manufactures several different types of pillow. Custom support pillows are designed with different strengths - soft, medium and firm support, ensuring the perfect pillow for your needs. Sealy's enhanced support pillows also include such features as side support and a high thread count. The company also manufactures a range of speciality pillows. They offer a memory foam mattress, made from visco-elastic material, which moulds itself to the shape of a person as they sleep. This type of pillow isn't only more comfortable - it also helps to treat aching limbs and arthritis. The AlleRx pillow is 100% cotton and is suitable for allergy sufferers - the extra fine weave helps to prevent dust mites from entering the pillow. The spring-free latex pillow helps prevent mould, mildew and dust mites - it also provides extra ventilation with a system of air channels. Most Sealy pillows can be cared for easily, by either spot cleaning or machine wash and dry. They also come with a three, five or six year warranty - ensuring healthy and comfortable sleep for the years to come.