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Better Sleep Tips from Simmons Bedding Company

A good night's sleep is one of the most important things you can do to keep healthy. During sleep, your body regenerates cells, renewing itself from the inside out. Your body also uses sleep time to convert nutrients to the chemicals you need to stay balanced and energetic throughout the next day. When you don't get enough sleep, everything suffers, including your mood and your outlook. Simmons Bedding Company offers the following tips to help you sleep more restfully and completely every night: Quiet is important during sleep, but quiet is a relative term. It's the sudden, unexpected noises that wake us from sleep. One solution to mask unwanted sounds is a white noise generator, but there are inexpensive substitutes. You can use a fan or tune your radio between stations to generate a low level static that will screen out sounds that disturb your sleep. Temperature is another important factor in sleep comfort. The ideal sleep temperature is 18 degrees Celsius. A room that's too warm or bedding that retains heat are prime causes of sleep disturbances that rob your body of essential sleep time. Light is another culprit in sleep robbery. Use room darkening shades to block unwanted light from street lights and traffic, or invest in a comfortable set of eye shades. The right mattress is another important factor in getting a restful and invigorating night's sleep. Be sure that you choose the right mattress for your needs.