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Can I just sleep heavily on the weekends if I don't sleep well during the week?

People worry about the amount of sleep they lose from not being able to get to sleep once they hit the bed and that they do not having enough time to sleep because of work, studying, or staying out late or staying up late. This is a problem. Wondering, if you can make up sleep for any of the reasons above, does not bode well for the body getting what it needs. A sensible rule is - bodies require regularity and a predictable sleep regimen if the brain's circadian clock is going to tick right. Losing sleep with the belief that you can make it up at another time, hurts. Here are some tips to help ensure that the time you are in bed is restful and replenishes your body. 1. Determine if your bed and mattress is big enough for you and a sleep partner, if this applies. If your bed is too small a bed - then think about switching to a larger one. 2. Determine if your bed and mattress are comfortable. If you think your mattress is contributing to your sleep problems go to a reputable bed and mattress shop and try out different kinds of mattresses. Decide whether you need a firm, medium firm, or soft mattress for comfort. 3. Determine whether your pillow(s) are comfortable enough. There are pillows made of therapeutic shaped foam that can support your neck. www.mattressnextday.co.uk