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Caring for Sealy Sleep Systems

Because Sealy contract beds are manufactured to sustain more rigorous use than residential sleep systems, caretakers may assume that caring for Sealy sleep systems is not essential. However, proper care of any Sealy sleep system can help it last much longer, providing guests with a good night's sleep for months and years at a time. Maintaining the Sealy contract beds will not only keep the guest happy, but will be more economical for the hotel in which they are featured. First and foremost, a sturdy bed frame is essential to support the Sealy sleep system. It is important that the bed frame have sufficient center support to prevent sagging and bowing, which will help ensure the Sealy warranty protection. It is also important to transport the sleep system properly, to prevent damage. The proper way to transport any Sealy mattress is to have two people carry it flat on its side. This will protect the innerspring system. Keeping the Sealy contract beds in any facility is also essential to maintaining their effectiveness. A protective mattress pad is highly recommended to protect the mattress from any stains. Stains that do happen to penetrate the mattress should be cleaned with a mild soap and cold water, but never soak the mattress. Vacuuming is the most effective way to clean the sleep system. As long as the proper care and maintenance is taken for the Sealy sleep system, it should last well beyond its warranty. www.mattressnextday.co.uk