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Caring for Your Simmons Mattress

A quality Simmons mattress represents a significant investment. Simmons mattresses are built to last, and offer a warranty to back it up. Caring properly for your Simmons mattress can greatly increase its useful life. Cleaning Your Simmons Mattress If your Simmons mattress needs to be spot-cleaned, you can use bicarbonate soda as a simple, inexpensive and effective cleaner. Just apply bicarbonate to the stained area and let it sit for about fifteen minutes. Vacuum it away and repeat if needed. Never use dry cleaning fluid or liquid cleaning solutions on your Simmons mattress, as they may damage the materials and void your warranty. Airing Your Simmons Mattress All mattresses benefit from regular airing, and Simmons mattresses are no exception. Simply leave the mattress uncovered once a week or so when you change the sheets. Flipping Your Simmons Mattress Some Simmons models are the patented No Flip design, and don't require flipping. If your Simmons mattress has cover fabric on one side and black or grey material on the other, it doesn't require flipping. If it has cover fabric on both sides, you will need to flip and rotate your mattress according to the instructions on your Simmons warranty card. Those instructions are specific to model.