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Choosing A Base for Your Bed

Choosing the right base for your bed is easy with Myers Beds. You get the benefit of the company?s years of expertise in pairing mattresses with the best supportive bases. In fact, unless you are buying a mattress specifically to fit a bed that you already own, you can buy the mattress and base together as a divan set. If you are choosing a base for your bed separately, though, you should be familiar with the different types of bed bases. There are three types of support bases available for your Myers Beds. - Sprung Edge support bases add another layer of spring to your new Myers mattress. A sprung edge base is easily the most luxurious option for a mattress base. It?s rather like sleeping on two mattresses stacked one on the other, giving you deep support and comfort in your bed. - Board Top support bases are also sometimes called platform top bases. A board top base is a padded platform on which your mattress sits, giving it a very firm base of support. It?s the option most often recommended for those who suffer with back pain. - Firm edge support bases are similar to sprung edge bases, but are built into a box that has firm, padded edges. These bases add to the durability of the support and are an excellent choice for single beds or for those who are prone to rolling out of bed. Storage can be built into either sprung edge bases or board top bases. The firm edge support base is built on legs rather than into a platform base with storage built beneath the mattress support. www.mattressnextday.co.uk