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Still stuck on that old mattress with coils that in a worst-case scenario will prick you as you turn over or "God forbid!" wiggle or jump inside your bed? If your mattress is wearing a little thin, then it is high time you started to look at Relaxsan mattresses. Having a contoured fit to your frame they are like sleeping in heaven and the Relaxsan mattress line offers the Orthosoft, the Original, the Waterlattex, the Medicalform, and the Memory Duet. Vacuum-packed by Magniflex of Italy, they unroll and return to full size just minutes after being unpacked. Have persistent allergies to dust mites and the material from which your mattress is made? Make it a Relaxsan mattress and allow yourself to get a good night's sleep. With Relaxsan mattresses resistance to allergens and their resistance to dust mites you will have no trouble falling asleep. It's all about your comfort, not creature comfort. When NASA was researching a mattress for extended stays in space they discovered something essential to Relaxsan mattresses and essential to a good night's sleep. They came up with memory foam. This specially formulated foam will fit every corner, every nook and cranny of your body.