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Commercial Therapy Beds To Compliment Your Business

For the road weary traveller the Millbrook Therapy bed can seem like an oasis in a desert. There is only one thing in his mind at the end of the journey; a comfortable bed. Strength is drawn from knowing that a hot bath, good food and much needed rest is waiting when he steps out of the car. Hotels and resorts cater to the needs of guests in the best possible way they can. Their reputation and business is resting upon being able to do this. Often they have guests that have special needs due to physical disabilities or injuries. It is not unusual for a guest to ask when making a booking, if the hotel has beds available that caters for a back injury. If your establishment can offer the guest a therapy bed with the Millbrook memory foam mattress you have a client for life. What makes this bed so unusual is not only the adjustable pocket spring design. It also has a heat sensitive Millbrook Visco memory foam mattress. It contours to the body and enfold aching muscles in healing heat. With that comes the amazing luxury of the massage option that the Millbrook mattress has. Purchasing one or more of these therapy beds will earn you the gratitude of your guests. It will afford you enthusiastic free word-of-mouth advertising for years to come. The availability of Millbrook therapy beds can be the deciding factor in the favour of your establishment when a guest makes a booking. It is an investment that will repay its initial price ten-fold.