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Determining Which Pillow is Right for You

Myers Beds pillows will help you get the best nights sleep. Undeniably having a quality mattress underneath you such as a memory foam mattress from the Myers selection will enhance what your pillow can do to give you a relaxing and full nights rest. Determining which pillow is right for you, begins by figuring out which level of fluffiness or firmness you want in your pillow. Most experts agree that a pillow that is too soft and offers little support for your head is not really the best choice. Not supporting the head and neck properly could lead to straining injuries of the neck and back. A pillow having some firmness will provide your head and neck with proper support and offers you greater comfort while sleeping. The more comfortable you are the better you will sleep and a supportive pillow means you can awaken without a stiffened neck or headache caused by thrashing about during the night on a lumpy pillow. Check out our selection of pillows from Myers Beds and you will find that the pillows we offer have been tested and proven to offer you the best nights sleep. While in our virtual showroom why not check out our mattress, headboard and bed collections to help in outfitting your bedroom for the quality sleep your body and spirit needs for optimal health. Our staff is most happy to assist you in making your selections in beds, mattresses, and pillows for the whole family, should you need a bit of our guidance.