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Divan Storage Beds

The Millbrook divan storage beds are one of the most sought after beds. Not only are they comfortable to sleep on, but they make use of space wisely by the design of storage drawers under the bed. Before divan beds people made use of the space underneath the bed by tossing everything underneath. Not only did this make it very difficult to locate things but the items collected dust and can be unhygienic in the long run. Hence, to make use of space properly Millbrook divan storage beds are ideal for a sounding sleep and an organized, stylish room. Millbrook divan beds come in a variety of sizes from single to king size beds. Divan beds are well known for the comfort and orthopedic support to ease various back and body pains. The Millbrook divan beds are accompanied with Millbrooks mattresses that aim to conform to your body's shape and weight and thereby increasing comfort. For storage purposes there are a wide variety of storage designs available including: - Continental storage - 4 drawer - 3 drawers- end drawer and 2 side drawers - 2 drawers on opposite sites - 2 drawers on same side - Slider storage Some of these designs may only be available on certain bed designs so make sure to browse the catalogue for a better understanding. Furthermore, when you are looking at a Millbrooks divan bed, be sure to keep in mind the types of items you are planning on storing in the bed's storage compartments. This will aid you in choosing the right bed design for both sleep comfort and storage. www.mattressnextday.co.uk