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Dorlux Beds are Great Space Savers

Dorlux beds offer you the kind of sleep luxury that you need for complete rest and relaxation. A world of difference exists between ordinary sleep and luxury sleep. People, however, are under the impression that luxury beds and mattresses take up a lot of space in the bedroom. The size alone plus the accessories seem to eat up whatever space is left. Did you know that Dorlux beds and mattresses are also available in ?space saver? mode? The manufacturers of Dorlux beds understand the valuable concept of space. They cater to a wide spectrum of customers: from large estate owners who have all the space to spare to apartment dwellers who believe that space is a premium. The Dorlux SpaceSaver model is ideal for homes with tiny bedrooms. With a Flexiform? Spring System mattress, it measures 90 cms wide by 190 cms long. A second mattress is located just under the main bed that can serve as a large double bed or two full size single beds. Selling beds since 1919, Dorlux Beds are backed by solid experience. Customer satisfaction testimonials attest to the fact that Dorlux beds are not only sought for genuine sleep comfort, thanks to their memory foam feature, but also for their space saving potential. This is not only true of their SpaceSaver model, but for all other models in the Dorlux line. Added to the space saver concept is the hypo-allergenic nature of Dorlux beds. Only good quality materials are used so that men, women and children who sleep on a Dorlux product are spared from any allergy flare-ups. www.mattressnextday.co.uk