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Dorlux Beds for All Your Sleep Needs

As makers of quality beds since 1919, Dorlux Beds understands that everyone has special sleep and comfort needs. That?s why the company offers a range of mattresses that are designed to meet any bedding need you might have. Whether you need a mattress that offers firm support, or a mattress made with completely hypoallergenic materials, Dorlux Beds has a mattress that will suit you. Here are just a few of the Dorlux Bed lines that are suitable for various special sleep needs. Back Support Do you wake in the morning with sore muscles and an aching back? Chances are that your mattress is to blame. The perfect mattress for you is one that offers firm support to keep your spine properly aligned while you sleep. Dorlux Beds offers the Firmsupport mattress, an orthopedic mattress made with triple the springs of ordinary mattresses, just for your back comfort. Allergy Sufferers Do you find it hard to sleep because of allergies or asthma? Dorlux Beds offers many ranges made with completely hypoallergenic materials. The Dorlux Sheer line is made with Luxury Latex, one of the healthiest sleep options on offer. Both the fillings and the upholstery are made with completely hypoallergenic materials to offer both comfort and a healthy sleep environment that won?t disturb your sleep. In addition, Dorlux beds offers bedding options for those who enjoy a softer mattress, including memory foam and luxury latex mattresses. You?ll find the perfect mattress for all of your bedding needs at Dorlux Beds. www.mattressnextday.co.uk