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Dunlopillo; Comfort by Design

When it comes to comfort, Dunlopillo takes it serious. They use the finest natural latex in their mix to make the softest, most comfortable, mattress. This latex, combined with an air cushion inside, truly gives the feel of sleeping on clouds. The design of the Dunlopillo beds starts at the rubber tree when the milky, white latex is harvested. This latex is mixed with a synthetic to make a high quality product that will withstand the pressures of countless nights? sleep. The latex is molded, with air pockets inside, into a block, or pillow. These blocks are all individually tested to ensure they meet the standards expected of a Dunlopillo product. They are then put together into the mattress. The latex in the Dunlopillo mattress makes it more resistant to common bacteria and mildew. Because of the ventilation in the design of the bed it allows for the dispersal of body heat and moisture, making for a more comfortable nights sleep. The latex mattress will also contour to the body providing back support and superior comfort. The lack of springs makes the Dunlopillo mattress a quieter mattress as well. When sharing the bed, each person can move freely without disturbing the other. The Dunlopillo mattress is a great option for adjustable frames, as well. The flexible design of the bed allows it to contour to the shape of any frame and move freely with an adjustable bed. The latex will stretch and move as needed and still provide the support expected from a Dunlopillo. For more information on Dunlopillo beds check out www.mattressnextday.co.uk.