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Dunlopillo: contemporary styling with historical quality

For a high quality latex mattress, why not go with the original. Since 1929 when the process for latex foam was invented, the Dunlopillo Company has been at the forefront of a growing market for this combination of natural and synthetic rubber known as latex. A mattress constructed of latex provides long lasting comfort even after 10,000 hours of usage. Yet this mattress doesn't have to be turned periodically to avoid compressed areas or hills and valleys such as you will find on other mattresses. One of the best things about the Dunlopillo product is their attractive appearance. They are sleek without being spare and their look is quietly elegant. You can choose beds with base storage or without. Padded headboards match the padded base. You can choose from tufted or hand tufted in extra firm or firm. You can select a bed style that uses modern hardwoods, or stay with the upholstered base to match your color decor. The covers on the beds can be selected from silk, wool or cashmere, depending on the luxury level you want to enjoy. If you prefer even more customized beds, you can choose an adjustable frame. This is wonderful for reading in bed, or perhaps being in a semi reclining position for watching television in bed. Electrically operated controls means that adjusting either side of the bed to suit your comfort is done with the touch of a button. In addition to the mattresses, bed frames, headboards and storage units, you can also find Dunlopillo pillows for better neck support. Visit www.mattressnextday.co.uk today to find out more about these fantastic beds.