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Fitting Mattresses and Foundations

There’s more to health beds than just mattresses. There’s also the proper foundation and the bed that surrounds it. If you’re considering replacing your mattress, most experts recommend that you also replace your mattress foundation. This is especially important for memory foam mattresses, which need the right support to provide the support that your body needs. In addition, the mattress base that you choose can provide extra options that might be helpful to your other needs. Some of the options include extra storage, adjustable bases and extra padding. Mattress foundations for memory foam mattresses Memory foam mattresses do not work well with typical springy mattress foundations – the classic box spring. Instead, they require a firm platform foundation in order to provide the support that your body needs. Manufacturers like Healthbeds offer many different styles and types of foundations that are designed for use with memory foam mattresses. Beds with storage platforms for memory foam mattresses Among the most popular styles of memory foam mattress foundations are those that provide extra storage space for the bed room. Mattress foundations fitted with drawers beneath the platform come in many different configurations, including two drawer, three drawer, four drawer and five drawer platforms. Adjustable bases for mattresses Another very popular type of mattress base is an adjustable base. Adjustable bases are ideal for use with memory foam mattresses. The best adjustable bases have up to five joints that fold so that the bed can be adjusted to multiple positions to support knees, feet, hips, shoulders and back. When you choose the mattress foundation that best complements the mattress that you choose, you get the best of all worlds. Whether you need extra storage, extra support or extra flexibility, the right foundation and base can provide what you really need. www.mattressnextday.co.uk