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One of the things that Millbrook beds can help you with is the type of rest that you are getting. Just because you are sleeping doesn't mean that you are getting rest, and Millbrook beds knows this. That is part of why Millbrook memory foam mattresses and other Millbrook mattresses are designed like they are ? in order to fully support your entire body from head to toe, and in order to provide you with the best sleep possible. During deep sleep, your body completely relaxes, which means that it sinks into the surface where you are sleeping. With other beds and mattresses, this can be a problem due to faulty springs, sagging supports, and just plain incorrectly built beds. However, with Millbrook beds, you won't have to worry about this. The bed frames are solidly and correctly constructed to allow each part of your body to be held comfortably during your deepest sleep cycles. Millbrook memory foam mattresses, and other types of Millbrook mattresses, are created with that deep sleep in mind. No matter what position you sleep in, your body will be held and supported by Millbrook memory foam mattresses, all through the night. This allows your body to fully relax, and to be supported while you sleep. This translates to the best night's rest possible, because it allows you to enjoy the comfort only good support can bring to your body.